Friday, July 30, 2010

Trumpet Flower Fairy

This is a sketch I did of a fairy inside a trumpet flower. I will use this sketch for my first attempt at watercolors. I'll be taking a class tomorrow.


  1. I await the finished drawing but I think you might have chosen a difficult subject for your first class.

  2. The teacher wanted me to bring a drawing of my choice after he saw my website. He was wondering if my intent was to color some of my black and white illustrations. I have done acrylics before which is not the same as watercolors but this class is called 'not-so-loose' watercolors which should be interesting since I love intense colors not too water down. We'll see.....I have faith. It reminds me of my carvings. My third piece was the lawyer. The best carving I've ever done. I suspect watercolors is a lot easier? :-)

  3. Okay, class is over where is the watercolor