Saturday, July 10, 2010

Topic: Diary - This week's IF

I have a diary where I record all my daily thoughts and dreams. Do you?


  1. I do not keep a diary, I do make notes on 3X5 cards. I then promptly put them aside mever to be seen again.

  2. That is such great idea. The only problem is that things that are lost or forgotten always find a way to show themselves sooner or later...:-)

  3. Hi Maria! You work so nicely with colored pencils. Is that cat Squeakie? either way I like his and the mouse's diary entries. I'm glad to see ya here (at Illustration Friday). N just in case your saying, "Who is this crazy girl?" I know ya from Zero 2 Illo.

  4. Lovely! Love all of the details..very clever!

  5. Greetings Maria

    You know I was thinking geee that little girl dreams of girlise things, then I saw the mous and the cheese and the cat and the mouse and the cheese.

    !!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Brilliant - oh to hide tasteful discoveries to woo the visitor.

    thanks for sharing

    me diary? No. I want to stay married! :)

  6. Missy - Thank you for you comment. I do remember your avatar from the clubhouse.

    Shirley - I am glad you like it. It warms my heart when people react to my illustrations.

    Andrew - always put a smile on my face with your comments.