Sunday, November 7, 2010

FINISHED - Harley Davidson 'Fat Boy Lo' Motorcycle

Making some progress on this sculpture that I started months ago. It is still rough and I still have to do the exhaust pipes which I think will make it all look better. This one was rather hard to do. It would have been a lot easier to have done it in wood rather than clay. Live and learn.

Starting to put the engine parts on the bike. It is taking me forever to finish this sculpture but then again, I have never tried something like this before.
This is an update on the status of my 'still not done, why?' sculpture. Baby steps with this one. Having a little bit of trouble with the sculpey clay not being as pliable as it should be for a fairly new block of clay. Oh well, one more obstacle to jump over.

This is a project that I put on hold for a little while. I started working on it today and I ran out of supplies. This is how far I got with it. I still need to work more on the tires to smooth them out and do the tire threads but those are details that I'll get to later. BTW, I made a little sculpture of my character 'Squeekie' the curious cat and he is showing on the background. He is supervising the project. LOL.

This is the wireframe I did prior to starting the sculpture. I did not start with a drawing as I usually do since there was a lot of reference material available. The Harley Davidson website has 360 views of bikes and the user can look at the bikes from all angles by moving the mouse.
These are some pictures I also used as reference.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Showing my work at the Mint Hill Arts

I had some of my work displayed at the Mint Hill Arts for their 'Creatures, Real and Imaginary' exhibit. Just in time for Halloween. It is a month long exhibit. The Mint Hill Arts gets a lot of traffic. It is a very nice organization and one I have volunteered for before. It is nice to see how well they are doing at their brand new location.

When I left their 'opening' reception, I bumped into a lady that was telling me how much she enjoyed the drawings that someone had made in graphite. She then asked me my name and she immediately recognized it because the drawings she liked were the two that I had made. They are the ones on the third photo. That was nice to hear and even more interesting to hear that she remembered the name of the artist.