Friday, August 6, 2010

My Creative Corner

I thought I would share my working space with everyone and give you a tour of the place where I spend a great deal of my time creating. Starting from the left, you can see my very, very old component stereo which still produces unbelievable sound. I still have the tape deck and the CD I also have all the cables to plug in my ipod. I can also walk over to my computer and listen to podcasts and songs from itunes.

I have a map of middle earth on the wall (I am a fanatic of Lord of the Rings). I have two tables that I dedicate to my sculpting and a drafting table for my illustrations. I bought a big white board for $35 at the wood store, cut it in 3 pieces, finished the edges and it all resulted in the three tables you see in the picture. The tables' legs I bought separately at the IKEA store and the one for the drafting table I ordered on-line. My tables can be pulled apart easily if I move one day. I also like to keep sketches on the left walls, as reference, while I am sculpting.

In the middle section of the room, I have my books (I want more) which are heavily guarded by some of the trolls and little toys and statues from Lord of the Rings (yes, I am a fanatic). I also hang from the ceiling long strings and put binder clips at the ends so that they can hold some of the sketches, illos or whatever I am working on at the time. These are usually awaiting filing, matting, scanning, framing, etc. My illustration friday submissions are usually hanging from these.

To the right, I have two glass display cases. I put my most precious sculptures there and I display some at local shows. Above my drafting table, I have some of my acrylic paintings for which I have received some sort of local award. I have a main computer, a laptop, a tablet a printer and a scanner. All the toys we, artists, love. My main computer screen is also large enough to allow me to sometimes watch TV as I work (mostly catch the news).

I am a very organized person and I find it hard to start a project unless my surroundings are clean and organized yet there is something odd about how I work and that is why this room's setup works so perfectly for me. I tend to swing back and forth between illustration and sculpting. When I get stuck in one, I go over to the other. In this case I just walk from one side of the room to the other. It is not uncommon for me to have multiple projects going. I have been doing that for years. I guess it is how I work best.

I hope you enjoyed this short tour of my space.


  1. Thank You for sharing, no wonder I can't get anything done, I'm such a slob.

  2. well, I am rather unusual I think. Probably considered an outcast by some artists but I can't help it. It is all my mom's fault. I did go and cleanup my room when she told me to. :-)

  3. Oooooooooooh how cool! Thanks so for showing us your creative corner! Mine is...well only a creative desk now. Hopefully soon I can dedicate a room to my art and artsy stuff ^_^. It can be a bit difficult sometimes, because I like to have a clean desk AND have more projects on the go...ah's fun anyway :D

    Ciao Xx