Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am trying to bring my book character into a 3D format and I am failing at it miserably. It looks more like a creature from another planet than a cat. I just want to know why is it that I can sculpt more complex detailed sculptures but I cannot do the simple? Frustrating....very frustrating. I guess I have to learn to celebrate the good and the bad. I am not giving up on this kitty though. I will finish it even if it means inventing a totally new


  1. You're too hard on yourself, Maria! (aren't we all?) ... you sculpt very well ... maybe just sketch poses first, play with lines of action until something says "cat" (no, not "cat" ... I mean, until something screams "Squeekie!").

    The thick hairs atop the head are real interesting!

  2. Yes,I think I am hard on myself (no doubt) but also fascinated to see how I thrive at complexity but not at simplicity. It is all backwards.

    Squeekie has two distinctive features. The tail and the hair on the top is light little character is driving me crazy.

  3. Hay, it's good to be too hard on ourselves. But not too hard.

    Simple and minimal is much harder than complex and busy.

    It's like silent spaces in paintings. I just want to fill them up with stuff. :) Just fill the cat with more things eh?

    I put your blog on my list of Enviable Artists. I think you deserve it.

    See you.

    By the way, the cat is coming along well. When you paint the eyes won't that make all the difference?

  4. PS it's a lot like medieval sculptures on the walls of buildings in Paris.

  5. Thanks Andrew, I appreciate the comments. I do think that painting the eyes will probably help lots. I was actually thinking about doing that even though I intend to create a mold of this piece and painting is not important when doing that....We'll see. It looks like another project for my list.