Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finished Animation - Grumpy Birds

Here is my finished animation. It is a story of three grumpy birds whose sleep was disturbed by a bumble bee. They didn't like that so it did not go too well for the bee. The radical ending was, of course, suggested by my husband...lol. Oh well, it happens.

Here are some pictures of how this film was made:
This picture shows the stage. I used what is called a green screen (cloth) to make it easy to remove the background digitally and put any kind of background I wanted.
Here is another view. You can see the tripod I used to place the camera on.
Here are the different eyelids I had to make for each bird to show them opening and closing their eyes.
I also did the sign and some of the bee parts which are used at the end of the film. This was all done in sculpey clay.
I put all the photographs together (more than 80 pictures) and added sound and then I edited the film using the software 'Adobe After Effects'.


  1. I like, did Frank supply the burp?

  2. lol...no he didn't but he probably would have if I had asked him.